Running own server timeout error

Greetings all. I am running my own private server on my windows 10 PC. I have the latest server files from the website and have edited it to the name I wish to have and so on. However, I join the server and no red box in the top left as some has pointed out to be an error and the server will time out in 15 to 20 seconds after joining. I notice my Kbps goes form 10 to 11 to 0 then I get kicked and a Russian word appears. I noticed in my console that it says received packet from unknown source. It is spamming it like crazy. I am not using my internal IP. I have tried to use it but it says handshake error. Some have said that deals with authentication issue. I assure you my GTA V is legit. I can only connect with my external IP with the port. I have tried without the port only to get the same handshake error. I am at a loss of what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :smiley:


Try to direct connect to

Post back results.