Running a Server on a Raspberry Pi 3

Hey, i want to ask, if I could run a Server on a Raspberry Pi 3?

It won’t hurt to try, but I think the Raspberry Pi would be a bottleneck in terms of processing power, GPU and the network link (its only 100 up and down). I reckon it’s a great device to use for playing FiveReborn locally through LAN, rather than having 24 people all over the world connected to it.

I don’t own one. Just thinking about buying one to use it for myself and friends. Even when my PC is turned off.

I am also just asking because I saw a Thread here where it didn’ t worked and I’m not sure if it can’t work or if the guy from that Thread did something wrong.

Im pretty certain the server wont run on arm devices. Also the server needs like 0 gpu power, and close to no processing power. It just sends networking events for the most part. Also 100 mbps up and down seems plenty enough i doubt that would be a contributing factor unless you add tons and tons of addons (even then considering a pi would be a home device i doubt youd have the internet to max out that 100mbps anyways) :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair point, streaming vehicles or even maps could be a strain, but I haven’t tested it out, might be fun to see if its feasible

If anyone of you own a RPI3, could you test it? If it work, I’ll buy one.

I successfully installed mono the normal way, tried running it off “” and this is the error it threw up. Not sure if it’s my fault or is the server not going to work on the Pi. Latest Raspbian Pixel, I could try it with the Ubuntu MATE and see if it’s different.

It fails straight after launching the game and web servers, let me try with MATE for the sake of it and see if its the same result

Well, same result I think its because its ARM based, because my main FiveReborn server on Ubuntu 14.04 works perfectly fine