[RSX Weapons] Weapon positions, animations system with UI


Weapon system with different positions and animations

  • Weapon system with UI
  • Three different ways to aim
  • Position of weapons and rifles with animations of each one
  • Command /hideweapon to hide visible weapons, some weapons can be prohibited in the config.lua


Youtube: Click here

Buy: Tebex: 12.10€

Other info

| Code is accessible | Yes
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | ~900
| Requirements | “set sv_enforceGameBuild 2372” in server.cfg
| Support | Yes


no esx comp…

Great job, i bought it!

I see a little error with shotgun. It’s stay on back . Did you know how i can resolve the problem ?
It’s look like only with the MK2 model.

Yes of course, I have sent you a message and I will help you there

Thank you, everything is ok, it’s just me :slight_smile:


great work !

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no dependancy? esx or QB? or is it standalone. and does it work with weapons as items?

it is standalone, and works with normal weapons. Weapons as items (apart from QBCore’s which do work) doesn’t currently work.

how does it run? client side

@RSX_Dev hey what’s going wanted to run a few things by you if you have time

0.02-0.03 ms

Maybe having the possibility to adjust the position for female character will be great. The position in holster is not the same for male or female.

Can i make a suggestion for the future? Maybe add different animations for holding the ARS like the pistols have!
Awesome script my man!

Does this work with Ox inventory and Legacy?

Before i buy

in a higher up response he states weapons as items on ESX does nto work

What does this do that other free scripts don’t do just as well?
Stuff like Weapon Animation Menu V2 comes to mind.