I was just wondering, will this be able to work without any middleman whatsoever, without logging in with a R* account and for example if Take-Two hit you with a C&D would it only affect the server list, allowing us to directly connect by IP?

@anonymouse They can’t do shit cus this works with dedicated servers iirc. So even if they do try to take it down, it’s useless because everyone will have downloaded it and still be able to play it as it has nothing to do with Rockstar’s social club or their servers.

That’s what I want to hear, it’s just that FiveM cannot be used (unless you kinda count MultiFive) as it required you to connect to their server, before you could even connect to a dedicated server.

We don’t use any middle man what so ever. We do have a serverlist, but that is just for convenience and not necessary. You can set a nickname and direct connect to servers.