ROLEPLAY is the only way to go

Now that I’ve got your attention, THANKS!
FiveM works, and this is my feedback.


  • Player synchronization is outstanding
    – Today I just created a server to test things with a friend and it really works
  • F****g peds and AI!
    – I still have nightmares trying to implement AI back in 2009-samp, and that mta-sa implementation (slothbot I think?) was worthy of a thesis…
  • Active community with a constant flux of content
  • Community tech (discourse I think it is?) up to modern standards
  • Multiple levels for implementation
    – I could implement my own RESTful API, or a superfast random file acces controller for persistent data thanks to C#, while at the same time, manage simple business logic with high abstraction thanks to Lua, I LOVE IT!
    The possibilities…


  • Documentation is a bit messy
    – Suggestion; a centralized knowledge base, with API docs and everything in one place, I understand that all this reversing nonsense can get messy over time, but it can be done!

  • Roleplay overflow :smile:
    – Many people doesn’t have software engineering education (how can it be?), even if it doesn’t have anything to do directly with FiveM, there is a visible community culture issue about this. Suggestion; Create a sub-forum for people who just want to learn-teach, there are some people who needs to start from the very fundamental

I hope you can keep up with the good work :heart:


Nice thoughtful praise!

I see a lot of people say this.If anyone is missing anything from the docs, they are more than welcome to create a pull request! I have done so myself a couple of times and the elements are more than welcome to merge them once it goes through a normal review process.

FiveM relies on community collaboration and input!


I disagree with this. Yes, some people do not have (a lot of) experience. However, there is already a lot of information on the forum geared towards FiveM. If they want to learn about basic programming, there’s countless sources available online - Free programming courses, stack overflow, Youtube tutorials and so on.

This is something that’s not learned in one day, just like (propositional) calculus. It’s also not exclusive to FiveM and I believe FiveM already does a lot to facilitate people in learning how to script for FiveM. No need to re-invent the wheel by having a sub-forum on programming unrelated to FiveM.