Rockstars New TOS for FiveM

So RockStar basically buys FiveM just to dig its grave with there new TOS? The custom clothes, vehicles, weapons, buildings, gangs is what brought FiveM to life and now there just throwing it all away because their scared of a lil lawsuit even tho CFX did not care at all. RockStar could have made a TOS that protected themselves from a lawsuit but they chose to do this. In my eyes FiveM has no future unless RockStar changes their TOS.


Rockstar needs to stop being greedy little money takers and just allow people to have fun and enjoy modded stuff since they can’t do so


I’m not entirely sure what you mean, its simple, don’t use branding you don’t own. There’s nothing “greedy” about this at all, its the law.

If you have more specific sections you are referring to please do post them.

Yea… this is just kind of ridiculous.
You mean to tell me FiveM has been around for All these years… has had not one problem, built up this Insanee fan base, just for them to join in with cfx (which i was really excited for them) and ruin the entire thing for everyone… Quality stuff right there.

Nope, not ridiculous in the slightest actually and this updated TOS isn’t introducing much new, but reminding you of already existing policies about using real world brands. Individual servers have already been taken down due to copyright infringement on these brands even before the R* takeover. Brands of automakers/clothing have the right to issue a takedown request on your server at any moment and such requests have already been made in the past.

It’s not really a R* created policy either, it’s the law.


What are your sources on this?
Just look at twitter my dude, multiple servers in the past did get in trouble for using IRL brands.

Rockstar is a serious company that needs to abide by the law, why you mad that now your server will also need to abide by the law?
All these posts I’m seeing are just a mix of fundamental misunderstanding of the change, of the law, or simply “:sob::sob: i cant break the law anymore :sob::sob:”.

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It is right now just a problem for roleplay servers, they need to wait for every mod creator to remove the Mark logo.
At clothes they can do it theirself, but they cant do it at locked vehicles…

Rockstar just cares about their money.


Emm that is where you are wrong… removing a mark doesn’t make it okay to still use

You have a Dodge Charger has the dodge brand on it… you wait for the creator to remove it so it is debranded / debadged… you think that will be enough?

Nope, it will at the end of the day still looks like a Dodge Charger and still has enough for Dodge to do something or have your server to reported for still using IRL branded assets cause the vehicle model is still at the end of the day a IRL branded look… so in theory the best way/thing to do is just remove them completely so then you know your safe and just use lore friendly vehicles and use stuff like this.

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If you take a look at the Vanilla Vehicle the “Adder” you can see that it is an Bugatti. It is a little bit customized and not more…

Yep but in the games eye it is a lore friendly adder, you can’t make a lore friendly Dodge Charger unless you use the Buffalo which is what people are going to have to do going forward

would those servers include No Pixel, RSM, Transport Tycoon, or any other highly popular servers.
I get what you’re saying and I can definitely understand that it can be very easy to bypass the copyright infringement by simply either removing the said mods or creating custom models for the already present vehicles/clothing in game and all will be well, but you say “multiple servers”, again what about the very popular streamer friendly “NoPixel RP” or “RSM FreeRoam” where they been going strong for quite some time up until now, and I’m not angry I’m just trying to have a conversation and I also don’t have a server I just like playing on one of my fav gaming platforms that’s all.


What about them?!
How would you even know if they ever got any compliance issue or a DMCA notice?

If NoPixel or RSM violate your copyright, you are in your full rights of issuing a DMCA notice and the public would only know about it if you or they told the public. Big servers get compliance notices all the time, this is nothing new.
Also not even the rules are new, the old ToS might not dedicate that many words to say “you shouldn’t break the law” but that didn’t make it any less true.
As a matter of fact, servers have been issued DMCA takedowns and Cease & Desists letters for quite some time before Rockstar acquired Cfx/FiveM… and that’s not even a secret (again, this has been all over twitter in the past).

The new PLA is not digging any grave, IMO it is in fact a really good outlook for the future of the game and community, which can now rest assured that the game is no longer in a gray legal zone.
And if your server depends on violating copyrights, then I recommend some deep introspection.

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well most mod devs for gta 5 have had problems with Rockstar just cause they made the game better, and Rockstar gets mad cause they can’t or won’t and their mad that other people can do that to their game and they just wanna try and be the best of the best.

and thats gonna make my work harder when making cars.

shoot, lmfao if I was a big car company or a clothing brand I would want free advertisements. :laughing:

But hey, right on lol.

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NoPixel have already removed alot of there imports prior to these TOS coming out so they won’t be effected

It is not free they see it as a threat and damaging their branding since they are using it and displaying it when doing illegal stuff in the RP world from doing Robberies, crime etc which effects there brand publicly

You think Bugatti want videos online of their property and brand, being used to commit crime and run over people and stuff?

Car brands are highly sensitive about their image and reputation.