Rmod Pfister Comet S2

Rmod Pfister Comet S2 GET IT HERE

Pfister Comet S2 with small additions for the final touch :fire:

“This isn’t just a fast car. It’s a car with the kind of reputation that no amount of targeted advertising can buy. So, when some people see a Comet they make a wish. Others run screaming for cover, prophesying doom, destruction, and crippling medical expenses. Either way, you made an impression.”
- Legendary Motorsport description.


File size: 12,6 MB
FiveM Asset Escrow
Server version above Los Santos Tuners
Metafiles + YTD Editable


Windows Fully tinted
Interior Retextured
Exterior Retextured
Reworked Taillights
Added Brakelight
Added HQ Mirror
Added Tail Wing
Added Custom Exhaust
Added Frontsplitter
Added Custom Rims & Tires
Added Rear bumper splitter


Animated Engine
Animated Exhaust
Livery Support + Template


Primary Color: Body
Wheel Color: Rim
Secondary Color: Interior/Exterior
Tuning options:
1 Skirt/ 5 Exhaust/ 4 Spoiler/ 6 Light Cover/ 2 Fender/ 7 Front Bumper/ 10 Rear Bumper/ 3 Plate/ 13 Hood/ 7 Hood pins/ 2 Roof/ 2 Sun Strip/ 1 Rollcage/ 7 Dash/ 4 Door/ 16 Steeringwheel/ 1 Seat/ 15 Liverys/ 1 Livery Template

All regular Car Tuning Options in Los Santos Customs or Bennys Garage.


Version 1.0

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Subscription-based No
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Requirements N/A
Support Yes