Rich Presence in RedM

Hi This is my first Topic :sweat_smile:

i Have Discussion

Is it RedM Supported Rich Presence ?

if Yes supported How i Can do Rich Presence For my Server

Thank You :two_hearts:

Hi d7y1,
Yes, Rich Presence does work for RDR2, i did not develop it for my server, my developer did and it is a server ran scripts we have. But you should be able to take one of the discord rich presence scripts from FiveM and covert it.

Hopefully this helped… or at least it cleared it up for you, so now you know it is possible :slight_smile:

Hope you find a solution soon!

thank for reply I’ll try to get the Rich Presence

Did you get rich presence to work in RedM? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work. Or its at least way more complicated then in FiveM and i can’t wrap my head around it…

By any chance, will you share the script?

I think it will only work when RedM comes out on Milestone 4 at least on the VORP framework. For now, I think none of the servers have Rich Presence!