Revert "tweak(server): update `thread-pool-cpp` submodule"


Bug fixes and other general improvements

This update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and mostly includes bug fixes, including a workaround for the NVIDIA DXCache corruption issue usually manifested by ‘the game takes 10 minutes to launch, and sometimes never does’.

A summary of changes follows:

  • The NVIDIA shader cache performance strategy has been disabled (using NVAPI). There’s a bug in the NVIDIA drivers since the R470 series (released mid-2021) where the ‘DXCache’ directory will corrupt, which often led to the game hanging for a long time on startup, or often not even launching/showing an ‘early-exit trap’ message as an internal thread got hung.
  • The ‘dear imgui’ library has been updated, applying some tweaks for UI controlled by it such as the F8 console:
    • DPI scaling is now taken into account so the console is finally readable on 4K screens.
    • Updated the font used for the DPI scaling changes.
    • The ‘pills’ in the console channel name now have the correct height.
  • The project watermark will no longer show on the top left of the screen anymore. Layer ordering would often make the game claim it had ‘:pear: FPS’ if using the small Draw FPS overlay.
  • The deadline for ‘reliable’ ENet commands has been tweaked, so the ‘draw perf’ overlay should no longer show as much incorrect packet loss when having very low ping.
  • Connecting to a server will not block on requesting a Steam ticket if the server indicates it doesn’t have a Steam API key set. This should help when connecting to a server that doesn’t need Steam when Steam is down (but still running).
  • A conflict with the Mumble audio threads, the Steam game overlay hook, and Windows’ microphone activity indicator hook which could lead to a stack overflow on launch has been resolved.
  • Some issues with vector results for native commands have been fixed.
  • FxDK: Loading the game for the first time should no longer lead to ‘Unloading’ being stuck.
  • RedM: Another OneSync fix has been applied for null player info crashes.
  • RedM: Initial game storage download has been improved.
    • The speed indicator should now correctly go down to ‘0 MB/s’ in case nothing is being transferred.
    • The download UI will explicitly say when a peer-to-peer file is being downloaded to inform the user that this may be slower.
    • Start the IPFS library in the background, so the window doesn’t go ‘not responding’ right away.
    • Updated the IPFS library so there may be less breakage in bitswap logic.
  • FiveM: The most recently used camera mode for each context will now be applied on load, matching story mode and GTA: Online behavior.
  • FiveM: Texture dictionaries with the wrong format/buffer size for script_rt_ will no longer crash the game.
  • FiveM: Dummy objects (such as gas pumps) being destroyed/instantiated no longer will excessively duplicate. This was reported on GitHub as #1452 and broke in November of 2021.
  • FiveM: Having a dear imgui window dragged outside of the game window will no longer break the watermark or the loading screen progress indicator.
  • FiveM: The game will now correctly treat a d3d11.dll in the FiveM directory as add-on graphics mod. This being handled incorrectly often led to ‘only seeing the city backdrop’.
  • FiveM: ‘Fast’ downgrading from GTA V build 2628 to build 2612 is now supported.
  • FiveM: A case of streaming name mapping corruption has been fixed. This would usually lead to crashes/hangs when using tools such as “strmem” or “strlist”.