Retro Subway Restaurant Uniform Pack

Retrp Subway restaurant uniform pack made by myself for the community! This pack was made to go with Haneas’s Subway MLO for FiveM. [MLO]Subway Restaurant | FREE

– Features

  • Subway Sandwich Artist Polo Shirt (Male & Female)
  • Subway Sandwich Artist Hat (Male & Female)

– Installation

Just Drag and Drop In Your EUP Stream

All textures and patches were made by me. I don’t own any rights to the Subway and Champion logos used in this project.

Retro Subway Uniform Pack (FiveM) – By JulyGee.rar (169.0 KB)




nice! be nice to get a YDD file for all these tho

yea the ydd is alredy in the Base EUP files. It can be applied to any tucked-in polo.

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am i able to get all the ydd’s from base game so i can just throw in with it? im sure i replaced all mine already with other clothes

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Yes, I think they are the base models. You can use both the untucked or the tucked stock GTA polos!

Nice release!

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thanks m8, more to come!

Wow, nice release broo

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Looks great!

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Ive been looking for something like this, Thanks for releasing

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the community needed it.