Retribution Roleplay | 18+ Server | Whitelisted| LSPD | EMS | Custom Drugs |

Retribution Roleplay is a Serious RP server built on the QBCore framework! We are a new server just trying to build a great community where everyone’s story matters.

A little bit about what we have to offer

– A great Staff and Dev Team
– A lot of custom Vehicles and many more available,
– Illegal Activities (Drugs, Heists, Guns)
– Legal Activities (Minigolf, Go Carts, Laser Tag, Whitelisted and Non Whitelisted Jobs)
– Player Owned Businesses (Some owned and some available)
– Player Owned Housing (Shell or MLO)
– Great PD / EMS / The most realistic DoJ Code Available

And much much More.

If you’re looking for a place to call home. Where your voice and story matters. Then give us a shot

We look forward to meeting you!