Resource support categories

As an experiment, we’ve started creating a set of resource categories on #server-development where server owners can ask other server owners for help with popular resources, mainly to not clutter some ‘large’ resource topics.

Currently, this only includes #server-development:essentialmode, but based on demand we’ll see about adding a few others soon.

If anyone wants to see a section for a specific resource, or if a resource author wants to explicitly help out, do message us. :slight_smile:


vRP please!

Second the vRP…

vRP and ESX would be good. So many of those get unlisted daily

Edit ESX is added

The only downside is some topics that might be made in #server-development:resource-support creators don’t get notified like the do of people post in the resource topic. That’s the only downside I could see :stuck_out_tongue:

vRP ^^

A lot of resource authors (not all, just most) don’t provide support for those resource dependant issues, or their support is rather poor. Having more people able to help with issues regarding those resources is a lot better.

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Yeah true. I’ll just have to keep an eye out :eyes:

vRP support

EUP support?

In my opinion, support for simply downloading, extracting and putting a folder in your resources directory isn’t necessary. The instructions for EUP aren’t complicated, I think it’s more a case of people don’t know that they should pledge.

Off topic but a “code snippet” section can be cool in my opinion.To avoid questions about “basic natives”.

not just for that, it can also be for people that wants help for re-texturing and some more