Hello i have seen youre recent article about the graphic mods not working and how to reinstall them to where they will work. Unfortunately it still has not worked for me, wondering if i can get some help on making it work properly

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what are you try to install ?

Hello i have a problem with this, dont you know how to fix it please ??

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Have you tried the steps in that video ??

Please let me know i helped a few of my Friends.

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Have you tried the steps in that video ??

RESHADE Not Working in FIVEM? DO THIS! #reshade #fivem #gta

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Yes i tried this already–

Just disable the UI fix on fivem settings.

The should be off b default dont it ?


that actually help me thx

Just as a little workaround to get reshade working if you did everything correctly. Rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll if it won’t load. I had this issue on my system (idk why). It looks like its a bug on some systems, because other users don’t have this issue. I only know two other ones who had it. The only downside: I can’t use ENB anymore because my ENB was named d3d11.dll.

*Edit: You can even call it d3d10.dll & ENB can be left as d3d11.dll. :slight_smile: So its possible to use both.