[ReShade] Found fix for Reshade

Found a fix for Reshade:
Open your FiveM Application Data then go under Plugins and drag these from your Gta Directory into Plugins:
reshade-shaders dxgi.dll ReShade.ini ReShadePreset
Now it should work.

Other fixes:
Fix 1

Rename the dxgi.dll in the Plugins folder to d3d11.dll

Fix 2

Go back to your FiveM Application Data and open CitizenFX.ini
then paste this in or the code from your f8 console that you are getting from reshade:

ReShade5=ID:c5ff0a43 acknowledged that ReShade 5.x has a bug that will lead to game crashes
; ... no ReShade does not have a bug that will lead to game crashes, so pretend this is acknowledged

Fix 3

Update your Reshade or try downgrading your Reshade to a old version and if something is displaying in the F8 Console like

If you still getting a error or its not working you changed something in your gta v folder and i cant help you


TYSM you are a hero it worked perfectly i just did FIX 1 and FIX 2

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How did you come up with the edits for the CitizenFX.ini? Iā€™m using another graphics mod called specialk that installs very similar to reshade via d3d11.dll but I see it keeps getting ignored before loading in the console.

Thanks for sharing!

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