Requesting ELS mod for police cars

someone can give me script for mysserver lights on/off and siren off in lights.
and requesting light red when i stop my car there is light red in lights

MOD ELS = to off my siren when my lights on like in escort

ELS = not multiplayer supported.

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but i see in server i can to off my siren and on and when my siren off my lights on.
code 2 + code 3 in police car
how can i do it? i

If the disable siren script is in the server your playing on press G. If you are running your own server you will need this No siren (server side)

its not yet fully compatible with MP one in C++ and then one is in LUA one is client one is server, need to wait for LT.CAINE to release a server end script or it will not work