[Request] Understanding Legacy Crash Hashes

I am the lead developer on a popular 80% custom RP server, and something that constantly baffles me is when we get some really weird crash hashes we likely will never see again.

I understand a few of the crash hashes (for instance, kilo-march-papa is a handling file issue, and timing-shade-grey is a Weapons.meta file issue), but I don’t understand what each word signifies in each position - or quite how to understand the dump file’s trace. One I ran into today is burger-oscar-bakerloo, and I have no idea where to start with this.

Is there any collective of crashes and their likely causes, a place in the FiveM git/codebase I can look to see what is generated when, or even an explanation of how the structure is generated?


Here is the minidump code on the git:

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