[Request] Spawn point

So i have a esx server and i would like a script that spawns every new player on the job center. What i mean is that a player that have not been on server before spawns to the job center. I have been looking for a script like this but have not found any.

Edit your map resource and make one spawn point. This has been answered a zillion and a half times.

Thank you! So i dont need help anymore so some moderator can delete this topic if wants to.

You are correct however there is something in esx that handles spawning in the job center. All new players spawn inside the job center regardless of what the map says. So yes it has been answered but no one is giving the answer needed. Servers that do not use esx work just fine with editing the map file and setting the spawn point. However it does not stop new players from spawning in the same spot.

oof this is 3 years old

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