[Request] Looking for Roleplay scripts

I am looking for a script that would allow people when they join to have a first and last name then also set there birth date. From there then they could spawn in with some cash and then go to some NPC stores and get what they want to wear and change there body and hair at the barber shop.

So by default I can say the money is not working on the Essential install with FiveM. So I guess I need multi scripts.

Be nice if there was a good resource for us single server owners that just want to play on our own server.

Money does work in essential mode, it’s just not shown by the Ingame counter. What you’re asking for is quite alot of coding work in the early stages of server scripting of Fivem, the best chance you have is to learn some lua and search up team natives and functions and try to make it yourself.

Only then can the knowledge about scripting for Fivem be expanded and you can make some awesome scripts for everyone :slight_smile:

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@Beef, Thanks for getting back to me on this.

But it is possible to sync the displayed money ingame with the one of essential mode right ?
That will be a start for me to start stuff like shops and jobs.

Yea that would be cool I have been looking every day on the github. Seems like slowly they are adding stuff to the github for five M

There is probably a native to set the players money, I’m not home so I can’t look at it right now

Install es_freeroam and then money will work fine along with commands, bank job and weed purchase.
Check github for FiveM you’ll find it I’m not able to send links at this time. Search here and you will find it.

Isn’t es_freeroam part of the essentials? I might be wrong I am looking at this and seeing if I can find it myself so i can get the money working.

I managed to get es-freeroam to get working with essentials. Money works indeed. Now what i try to do is how to code that money is added to the player when they finish a job or kill a npc… Will try looking for that tomorow.

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right here.

These are the only public scripts I know of working with free roam with money, thanks to @StreetCorps for implementing them into freeroam and some others that made the originals…

Buy personal vehicles here

Trucker Job set up with money to get paid

Taxi job set up with money to get paid

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Wow, thanks a lot for that.
Now I can see how it all works.

You would need to give Streetcorps props for the hardwork implementing it into freeroam and everything alse, im just giving you stuff that was passed on to me.