[Request] Increase MaxWeaponModelInfos Pool

I was adding new addon weapons to my server, and when i reached 18 weapons, my game started crash always while in loading screen. From what i had look, this pool MaxWeaponModelInfos is causing the trouble, because: According to a list, GTA V has 95 weapons, and adding more 18 new weapons will became 113 weapons, so, probably the game has 2~3 weapons which are not listed on that list, hitting the 115 limit from this pool. I don’t think 18 addon weapons are a good limit, so i feel this need to be increased.

I don’t know if is possible to me test a gameconfig.xml change and PR it. So i guess it’s better to post a request here to someone with a good knowledge to check this and do it so.

Crash probably related to this pool: An exception occurred (c0000005 at 0x1412baa25) during loading of resources:/Weapons/data/W18/weapon_w18.meta in data file mounter class CWeaponInfoDataFileMounter. The game will be terminated.

Yeah, but you’ll need to do the usual adhesive steps (rename adhesive.dll to something else, remove svadhesive from server components.json and set sv_lan 1).

Thanks. I had increased to 256 (from 115), and sadly the crash still ocurring. Tried to increase other weapon related pools in order to stop the crash, but no luck too. So, i don’t know what i can do currently.

“The crash” seems to mostly be about an incorrect parser field, nothing close to any pool running out. You’re probably loading something broken.

The last 5 weapons i had added are fine, i had tested them alone, without the others to see if any of them are broken in some aspect, but everything is fine, thats why i’m thinking it’s related to some pool, or limit, or something similar.
Obviously, i can be totally wrong, and that’s why i’m here to understand what is happening.

I’m investigating currently any problems on weapons.meta from these weapons.

I had looked throw all meta files to see if something is wrong, but i don’t think so. Even because those weapons accusing incorrect parser work nicely when the amount of weapons are below 18, but broke when reach that supposed “limit”.
Should i post here a resource to repro this and help in order to identify what is going on?

You’re likely running into the CWeaponInfoBlob limit, which is hard coded to 0x78 in 1604 (see 0x140E7880C in retail) and increased to 0x82 in 2060.

It’s possible to increase or bypass that limit in some way?

(Without merging the CWeaponInfoBlob from all the weapons, because i feel it’s more simple to manage them separately, instead when they are merged)