[Request] I'm Looking for a AOP, and a Priority Status hub!

I’m looking for an AOP hub and a “Priority Status” script hub.

It looks like this:
hub example
The “(U | zBat)” would be whoever put in the command for the priority to start.

If you see anything like that as a script. I would like to use that script for my own FiveM server.

I know the location script. But I can’t find a “Priority Status” script.

If you do find anything like that, please post the link in the comments, or just post something that would be very similar, or just the exact samething. I’m just trying to find the AOP and the Priority Status hub script to use for my own FiveM server!

Just search in #development:releases if it is a public script it will be there and if not then it is a private script.

I believe this is four scripts combined or an edit of this, the four scripts are public, however, to add the person who called the cooldown, you would need to edit the script(s).

would you know the scripts combined for this?

  1. [Release] Street Label

  2. [Release] Priority Cooldown

  3. [Release] Nearest Postal Script

  4. [Release] Area of Play / Patrol (Textdraw/Server Sync)

These should be it, hope this helped! :grinning:

do you know what they did for the name beside the priority status hub?

Sorry for the late reply, if I have a chance I’ll try to whip something up and send it

thanks. Make sure to add everything!