Request for Removal of Sanctions on Iran

We are writing to you to express our concerns regarding the sanctions imposed on Iran by your company. As dedicated users of your services, we believe that these sanctions create unnecessary barriers and limitations for Iranian users and are not reflective of your company’s values of inclusivity and accessibility.

The sanctions currently in place prevent Iranian users from accessing certain features or content offered by your platform. This not only affects our ability to fully enjoy the services provided but also hinders our access to opportunities available to users from other parts of the world.

We understand that decisions regarding sanctions may be influenced by various factors, including legal and regulatory requirements. However, we urge you to reconsider these sanctions and explore alternative solutions that would allow Iranian users to benefit from your services while ensuring compliance with applicable laws.

Iranian users represent a significant portion of your user base, and lifting these sanctions would not only promote inclusivity but also demonstrate your commitment to providing equal opportunities for all users worldwide.

We kindly request that you review your current policies and consider lifting the sanctions on Iran. We are eager to continue using your services and believe that by working together, we can find mutually beneficial solutions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the outcome of our request.

The United States and its allies impose the sanctions, not CFX/Rockstar. Iranian players shouldn’t have been able to access CFX/FiveM services before, so the fact you even got to experience that up until now is surprising.

You can contact the US Interests section in the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to submit a petition or similar letter. Their address in Tehran is here.

For other methods of getting around these sanctions, you can attempt to overthrow the current Iranian government.

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Thank you for your response. While we acknowledge the involvement of various governments in imposing sanctions, it’s essential to address the impact of such measures on individuals and communities. Our intention in reaching out was to express concerns regarding the accessibility of services to Iranian users, regardless of the source of the sanctions.

As for the suggestion to contact the US Interests Section in the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, we appreciate the recommendation but must clarify that pursuing diplomatic channels may not always be feasible or effective for individuals facing such challenges. Moreover, suggesting the overthrow of a government is not only impractical but also irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Our aim is to seek constructive solutions within legal and ethical frameworks. We believe in dialogue, cooperation, and adherence to international norms to address these issues. We remain hopeful that by engaging in meaningful discussions, we can work towards a resolution that ensures inclusivity and access to services for all users, regardless of their nationality or geopolitical circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding.

I’d rather you just google translate what you write in Farsi than copy paste from chatgpt.

There is no hope for you here.

If you do not want to petition the US Government, then petition the Iranian government.

If you do not want to petition the Iranian government, protest against the Iranian government.

If you don’t want to do any of this, use a VPN.

If you don’t want to use a VPN, go play Driving in Tehran.