[Request] Dot above players/Disable names above players


I’m looking for help to make a script to disable the names of the players and display a marker or a dot (like the example), I personally prefer a little dot above the players to permit players to differency a NPC or a real player. The dot is discreet and you can not really see it if you’re not really close with the player (perfect for the roleplay).

Thank you for reading my request ! :slight_smile:

(Script on FailyV)

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Well couldn’t you just use a trainer and turn off the player tags and blips?

No I want this on server side for all players and I don’t want to disable blips. Just replace the names by dots. :wink:

Do you Know if the name of the player is create by gta or it’s by a script in essential or other ?

It’s defined by your name on Steam ! :wink:

Thanks but it’s not working ! :c

Finally, it’s working but I want to manage the size and maybe make it bold ?

Perfect, I have what I want, if someone want the code you can take it:


	while true do

		Wait( 1 )

		-- show blips
		for id = 0, 64 do

			if NetworkIsPlayerActive( id ) and GetPlayerPed( id ) ~= GetPlayerPed( -1 ) then

				ped = GetPlayerPed( id )
				blip = GetBlipFromEntity( ped )


				-- Create head display (this is safe to be spammed)
				headId = Citizen.InvokeNative( 0xBFEFE3321A3F5015, ped, ('·'), false, false, "", false )





does this work with scripthook disabled? because I want no blips but head display?

It works only with scripthook disabled ! :slight_smile:

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need help I copied the code it shows a square then a dot.

Try with this: https://github.com/Tospik/tospik_fivem_server/tree/master/ZPlayerDot

its the same code I copied


				headId = Citizen.InvokeNative( 0xBFEFE3321A3F5015, ped, ('·'), false, false, "", false )


				headId = Citizen.InvokeNative( 0xBFEFE3321A3F5015, ped, ('.'), false, false, "", false )

but it’s not the same point, the other is better, try this or download and put the files, don’t copy/paste.

It doesnt do anything for me…

That’s strange I have the name plus the point, do you have any idea if the name can be display at 2 different files? I would like to display the ID only, any idea?

Not sure if anyone still looking in here but im looking to get rid of the map blips for players as people are abusing it on the server i run.

And how to adjust the distance?