[Request] British Police Pack [solved]

Hello And First off thank you for taking your time to read my post il get right to the point,
i have set up a British Police roleplay server running on @Dunko vrp Witch i Highly recommend, i have taken out ALL police Vehicles witch were included and have made a Stream file with all my British police vehicles they all load in game ok but i cant get the lights to work i have tried ELS and None Els , they are all in similar slots when streaming like 4x4 replace pranger model ect … but nothing seems to work i was wondering if anybody has a Working British police pack with all 13 default police vehicles replaced and all working lights they could share with me it would be much appreciated

[ i managed to sort the lighting out but now i am working-on the handling as on some of the replacement vehicles i used it is terrible ]

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Changed title and moved to #development:scripts

ok thank you sorry i dint realize

What vehicles were u using?