[Request] Black money

Hello, I am not good in lua and i need your help for trying to set up a dirty money system after selling illegal, I wanted to know if those were possible, then put in place the fact that the police can Seize this money or else that we can launder this money to secure this money, sorry for my bad english i am french

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ok sorry for speak french here

UP, I need this script for my local server you have idea ? my probleme is not db is a lua

You don’t need to be good at LUA to create. All the essential resources are out there for GTA Modding with some searching around, you can find the helpful native commands and FiveM commands.


Look around, explore and learn yourself like us all.


thanks you for this tips i going learn :slight_smile:
I do not understand at all this programming language. Do you have a tutorial to start programming in lua ??

https://www.lua.org/home.html or http://wxlua.developpez.com/tutoriels/lua/general/cours-complet/ if you are french

I have read developpez site it’s basic program i need tutorial for create script in fivem or exercice to understand the links between database and the possibilities offered by the script

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In this case, look at all scripts which are available in Release section as example.
There is also NativeDB which can help you : http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb/

Dude I knew nothing about a week again but now I’m making my own scripts and systems. It’s easy to start mind you I do have prior knowledge in C# and SQF.

I would like script and learn this programming language. it’s so hard :frowning: i am good with mysql and i am bad in lua :frowning: