[Request] Ai Traffic Toggle Script

Good morning to all, I am currently looking for somebody to make a private script for my FiveM server MRP. We need a script that can enable/disable all AI traffic for all users in the server. I would prefer it to be a script that activates/deactivate via an in-game text chat command, but at minimum i would like it to be a resource i can start and stop via the FxServer prompt on VPS. If any of you have the capability to do this, please comment below and i will contact you whenever i can at the earliest.

Thank you and have a nice day

Hello AuburnfanGaming
I needed something similar for my fivem server and whipped this up
https://github.com/khralis/fivem-traffic-cmd hope it helps

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This script has seriously helped out my community thank you so much for making this script !

You’re welcome. I’m glad it’s being made use of.

Thank you soo much you help me out thanks!

how do I exec it? I’m new to this
Make sure to execute /cfg/traffic-cmd.cfg in your server config like so

exec /resources/fivem-traffic-cmd-master/cfg/traffic-cmd.cfg