[Request] Addon

Could someone turn this bike into an add-on for me http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11819-2014-chp-bmw-r-1200rt/

Here you go!

Remember to add the 1200rt folder to your resources folder and add this in your server.cfg:

start 1200rt




OLD - https://nofile.io/f/mxdCKGXd6Ph/1200rt.rar
NEW - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cW9zZvKEELT-Yqn0lH3qPQBq1VC5bmZW/view?usp=sharing


Thank you a lot

No problem, glad to help!

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Is it not supposed to work with luxart vehicle controls? Love the bike but it dosent work with Luxart. Don’t intend to sound like a D!ck

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Well I’m not using LVC so I don’t know how it works. I’ll check it as soon as I am home.

Thanks man :policeman:

This Doesnt Work With Luxart Vehicle Control How Can I Get This To Work

Unknown if someone told you yet. Open your vehicles.meta file and under the vehicle class section about midway it will say VC_MOTORCYCLE change that to say VC_EMERGENCY. Then it will work.

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Thx but i haven’t been making backs for 2years

It was a shot in the dark if this would have helped or not. Just thought I’d try to help just in case.

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Yeah thanks anyways man :slight_smile:

Hey your link broken … 2yrs later he says! :blush: :heart:

There is FiveM ready 1200RT

That is a different version of it!

Hey, that link doesn’t bring me anywhere. Really like the bike and was hoping you could update the link?

Link updated to Drive!

Aaaaaand now that link is dead.


Wondering if you can update the link

the link dosent work :frowning: