[Request] A way to increase how many NPCs can attack you at once

So currently GTA’s engine by default only allows 3 NPCs to ‘attack’ you at the same time. When multiple NPCs are trying to melee you, only 3 can attack at once.

Is there a native to increase this?

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Does anyone know how?

Yeah. Make them walk towards the player and the player takes damage when they are close instead of making them actually aggressive towards the player.

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How to get him to walk to a position?

I tried a few things, I didn’t succeed …

TaskGoToEntity(entity) or something like that.

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It wasn’t exactly as I thought … It turns out that only three attack at the same time, is there no way to make, for example, 20 NPCs attack with punches at the same time?

That way, the player loses life even without the NPC punching him … Which makes Player VS NPC punch combat useless

Yes. When they get close enough you need to make them perform the emote for punching (not actually punch.)

The limit to NPCs attacking is in built into GTA and there is no native to override it.

So yes the only way to do it is have NPCs “walk” towards the player (not aggro to them) then when they are close enough, they do an “attack” animation and the player takes damage.