[REQ] FXServer Setup

Hello, I’m trying to setup a FX Server but I’m having some troubles. :confused:
Can anybody make any guide how to setup it? :sweat_smile:
I followed the wiki page and it doesn’t work.
Thanks for the help :smiley:

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What isn’t working ?

The wiki explains it fine, what issue are you getting exactly?

This issue


: Im running on VPS :

You need to modify the path variable environment to run the command “run.cmd +exec server.cfg” in your server-data folder

When I clone “server-data” folder, theres no run.cmd inside, so how can I run “run.cmd” from the “server-data”?
When “run.cmd +exec server.cfg” I get an error saying “run.cmd not recognized as internal or external command”.
The only thing I can run is the “FXServer.exe”.

Surely I did something wrong, I leave some screenshots:

You can run run.cmd from server-data folder:

  • Open windows console:
  • Point to your server-data directory:
    cd path\to\server-data
  • Once you’re in there, start run.cmd using its full path:
    path\to\fxserver\run.cmd +exec server.cfg

Lel! Found the error :smiley:
My problem was that I had a space in the folder name.
I changed “FX Server” to “FXServer” and it worked.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Path? i don’t get that, ? i placed my on the dekstop

Yeah path, like C:\Users\You\Desktop\FXServer

Sry, man i don’t get it.

Windows Command prompt, aka this: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/pictures/dos.jpg

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Yes, but its on my desk, in my administrator user, so?

Your desktop is a folder like any other…
It is located here C:\Users\You\Desktop (change You with your account name)

No discord.
I told you the commands to type, you’re only typing the path alone…

Using cmd.exe:

  • Point to your server-data directory:
    cd C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\server-data
  • Once you’re in there, start run.cmd using its full path:
    C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\fxserver\run.cmd +exec server.cfg

But unfortunately without having basic Windows knowledges, I don’t think you will get somewhere…

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\server-data>C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\fxserver\run.cmd +exec server.cfg
The system cannot find the path specified.



is your server folder in C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\fxserver?
You’re the only one knowing where you put your stuff.

Okay, 2 sec im gonnna try something

It worked… Kinda?

@Zwefti_BadAss i think you should look at the wiki a second times