Replace mumble system

Mumble always has problems; the quality isn’t very good, and we can’t do much with it, not to mention the performance issues. When reaching 1,000 players, Mumble starts to stutter a lot, even with an external server. That’s why I’m suggesting we remove Mumble and use a voice system based on a library like BASS or something similar.

I’ve never had much issues with the quality, voice bit rates can always be increased by the end user iirc (i’d have to double check this)

You need to be more descriptive about what you want to do with it

These do need to be addressed, mumble is single threaded which is likely what leads to these problems.

I’m not sure how this would fix the issue

It should also be noted at this point anything that changes would have to be feature compatible with mumble, but currently the only things I can think of are improving the mumble server to run on multiple threads


I’m talking about audio filters and things like that, on another plateform you can do a lot of cool things with the Audio API (https://docs.■■■■.mp/articles/audio.html)

For performances issues i already tried to report it a while ago on discord, but we told me “It’s mumble, there is nothing you can do”

Mumble supports audio filters already, that’s what submix natives are for.

I didn’t know about this, thanks

I have the same user experience.