Replace a boat with a map?

Hello all! It’s maybe a stupid question, but i see a lot of people ask for add maps mods to original GTA V map.

Is it possible to replace a vehicle like a boat for a map models and collisions? And then spawn the boat somewhere in the see to have the drift track or anything else for everybody on the map?

You can just add the .ymap/.ytyp files of your map addons to the stream/ folder, and they should load automatically. Potentially you’ll need to add data_file entries for DLC_ITYP_REQUEST, though, depending on if your map addon does so.

ok thanks you! i will try!
Is it possible to install the No Boundaries Mod server or client side?
The map need it because it’s very big.

I try some attempts but the map don’t spawn ingame.
What is DLC_ITYP_REQUEST? i don’t find this file in my server

This map uses really old workaround methods, it would have to be converted to .ymap/.ytyp to actually work.

oh… ok… :confused: i don’t know how to do that :frowning: