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Thank you for your work… added this morning, with gabz pinkage mlo… thanks a LOT for the premade doors coords…

some one can help for this one im using ox_inventory and this is what happend

how to change the stash size?

for qb-inv
Renzu_motels > Bridge > Inventory > Client > qb-inventory.lua

OpenStash = function(data,identifier)

TriggerServerEvent('inventory:server:OpenInventory', 'stash', 'stash_''_'..identifier..'_', {maxweight = 600000,

slots = 200,})

TriggerServerEvent("InteractSound_SV:PlayOnSource", "StashOpen", 0.4)

TriggerEvent("inventory:client:SetCurrentStash", 'stash_''_'..identifier..'_'


Not really I think, you would have to code some sort of integration with a barrier system that only allows X person with X identifier to enter, however, I don’t even know if something like this is even possible in FiveM.

Great script!

Is there a way to amend the occupant name from solely first name to first AND second name when viewing occupants in motel rooms in motel management?

Thanks in advance!

@Renzuzu Hi! ox_inventory no open, what might be the problem?no errors or anything

Hello there! First of all, amazing script. Only issue im having is that all my front doors has the same hash name but only room #1 can be opened and closed, each room has the same config.

I get the right notification when i open/close room’s #1 door but all i get when i open/close the rest of the rooms is the “Door opened” notificacion.

Any discord for support? Thank you!!!

Hey is it possible to remove the map blips ?

as the owner i have a room but cant access it…it says “rent due please pay to access”…is there a way i can pay myself for a room? i had an employee invoice me but it didnt work.

Hey, where did you find the premade doors for gabz?

Keep getting this error even on snippets made by yourself for the yacht club, any ideas?

I literally am having the same problem I have no idea what it is I have ps-inventory everytthing else works fine except the stash

I dont see any rooms though i added them in config any idea? no errors in F8

Did you ever figure out how to remove these? I was going to ask the same.

Hi, I wanted to use the same mapping as you did.A tu reussi did you succeed?