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so i assume is impossible then :eyes:

Im having a similar problem as well. For example with this MLO [MLO] Davis Motel and Shop 24/7 [Add-On SP / FiveM] -

It has 6 motel rooms and each room has a different door.

Room 1 uses sc1_29_motel_d1.

But rooms 2 through 6 use


If its possible the code needs to pull the door hash from like a table or something like this instead of just a single value.

door = {

Ive tried to do it myself but my brain is too small.

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currently busy atm,
so i havent much test on this yet, so this is available only in Dev Branch/ Main branch, not release version.

This support configuring each motels
with the following ex…

door = { -- Door config requires when using MLO
					[1] = { -- requested by community. supports multiple door models.
						coord = vec3(307.21499633789,-212.79479980469,54.420265197754), -- exact coordinates of door
						model = `door_1` -- model of target door coordinates
					-- [2] = {
					-- 	coord = vec3(306.67614746094,-215.63456726074,54.22175),
					-- 	model = `door_2` -- model of target door coordinates
					-- }
					-- support multiple doors just add new line of table 
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Hello, is there any way to go around this?

I have this error when trying to rent a room at the pink cage motel

How would I configure this to new shells or go about getting the door hash if the shell is escrowed


Amazing work as always! cant wait see future updates

how can I do so that when I click on door it requires the motel key ?

testing this now. Looks epic man!

Hello! Is there a way to make it not necessary to lock/unlock the door? Simply that whoever is renting the room can enter

someone managed to integrate with chezza v3?

Is neccesary the inventory? i have chezza v4 and… i can change?

yes you can change ,

how, you can help?

sorry but i dont used this inventory !

do you know where to edit the inventory?

Ask in discord of Chezza, i dont know the config etc of this inventory sorry

Hey, this is a nice script, although, it does not have much compatibility with other inventories. Is it possible to implement compatibility for quasar inventory? If so, please let me know.

When I try to unlock the door, it says I don’t have access, and I have a motel key. Can anyone help?
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