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Recommendation: Add a way for cops to search job inventories, so like during raids they can actually confiscate items and stuff.

Hello Renzu :slight_smile:

I am currently rewriting OpenInventory for the inventory system we are using. (quasar-inventory)

and have a question How do I address the boss and personal inventory?

maybee do you have any experience with quasar inventory? ^–^

best regards

Hey, can someone help me with the export? I would like to change esx_billing so that the money goes directly to renzu_jobs and not to esx society. I’ve already tried something, but unfortunately it didn’t work. The interaction menu doesn’t work for me either. I can choose something, but nothing happens. For example, if I want to tie someone up, nothing happens. The player can still walk around. Attached is a screenshot of the esx_billing server lua.

main.lua (5.3 KB)


@Renzuzu are you pushign the fixes for paycheck and server.lua for renzu_jobs? would be really nice :slight_smile:

Renzu come back we love and need youuu!!!

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I created a public supermarket shop, but how can i fix, that also police / medic, etc can buy stuff when they are on duty?
When they are offduty its working. Pls help

Renzu is taking a little break seems like, now everyone make sure you shower this amazing dev with love and appreciation b/c god knows they deserve it! Renzu has made so many wonderful scripts for the FiveM community completely free over and over, the amount of time this individual has given just to help others is rare and respectable in every sense! Now make sure to give some love back everyone, throw some hearts, like, comment, follow and share, and let it be known we are grateful!


This Script ist really awesome, its easy to configure if you have the “Human Brain framework” installed :grin:
big thanks to Renzu for releasing all his Scripts, i love them all :heart_eyes:
i wish him all the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

greetings from Germany

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Is there a way to integrate this into your garage script?
Or do I have to give up one or the other.

Hello how can i add the commands checkbody and healbody head chest etc in a Medic job?

Hi, there was such a problem when I get a job in the police, I give myself a rank and there is no Boss menu, a gun store, a locker room, tell someone how to solve this problem, I will be very grateful!!!

@renzu_jobs/server.lua:11: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘config’)

I got this error, can someone help me. Sorry my English is very poor

Ive downloaded this cause it seems to be cool but as soon as i installed it on my server ive got problems :frowning: is there any help i can get?

Don’t understand why. i can’t change sellary, not active button

Hey, i got a question…
Maybe you can help me.
I cannot buy the cars from the vehicleshop? Maybe you can help me

Hi, one question, where i define the Job Vehicles (picure and text), i add a addon car , it works but i want a picture and the right text and not null.

this resource garage relies on addtext entry for the vehicle names.
you could search how to do that.
and also the image is configurable by config. or look in script.js
you could define where you would store it.
the image name must be png and the modelname

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and this is f*cking free nice dude

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Hello! I have problem with oxmysql can someone help me?
[ script:oxmysql] SCRIPT ERROR in promise (unhandled rejection): Error: renzu_jobs was unable to execute a query!
[ script:oxmysql] Unknown column ‘name’ in ‘field list’
[ script:oxmysql] SELECT identifier,job,name,firstname,lastname FROM users []

Hey bro I am having this problem in my server I have tried deleting the old table and adding new table aswell but it didn’t worked cand you please help em