Removing NPC's

Hello, I want to remove NPCs from my server. How can I do it? Thanks.



Hello I know how to do it, I have a script to make all the npcs and cars disappear from the map to the silent hill I use it for my mini series of resident evil in fivem

Post your findings then… It’s pretty pointless to post in a thread that hasn’t had activity for a year, saying you know how to do something. Instead, improve the discussion.

I use this plugin, don’t know where I got it from tho, I think vRP but not sure, whoever made this, credits to him. (2.7 KB)

Just realized this was a year ago lmao.


Ehm this script removes ALL NPC’s for me. However, can’t see why in the codes. Any idea?

Go to CFG and change the values.

Yes I tried that. Didn’t change anything, which values should I use?

1.0 in the cfg.lua file
I think that’s how you make it so there’s lots of them.

how do i install it on a vrp server do i just put the file in resorse and add it to server start config


How do I edit the density I edit and does not handle

if im correct it is sighmir that made it but dont hang me up on it

This actually works. Thank you.

where do you put theese file in? citizen or recources?

your resources

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it does not work stop lying to everyone

What the actual fuck.

First of all, why the hell are so many people always spam “does not work” that absolutely doesnt help us.

Now for the second part, it does work if you atleast know how to install resources correctly. lol

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