Removing items on map or alter map


I am in the process of creating my server wich runs redM Vorp. I am currently opening buildings and putting custom npc’s in there. I want to put a couple npc’s in the saloon in Rhodes, the Parlour House, however the door is blocked by a plank and a sign saying that it is closed for a week. I can open the door and crawl under the sign and get in so but the sign remains in place after i open door. Is there any way to remove this sign? Maybe by getting an ID somehow and removing it or maybe some resource that allows me to remove items in game? alternatively maybe by creating a map and add that as my base map? If anyone coud give me any pointers or maybe has a solution i would be gratefull.

“the door is blocked by a plank”
What you are describing sounds like imaps, there are sets for most of the towns that board up the shops and buildings. You probably want to check out this resource on github. Search it for the area/town and then test them till you find the one that unboards your saloon.

Good luck!

Hello there is there a way to open the mineshaft from gaptooth ridge?