Remove link from steam account to another GTA account

Hey, I’m new to fivem world, and was wondering why the installation uses my GTA V account from steam and if it was possible to change it to another social club account. i had problems with this one or a while now. basically if i play GTA onlin with my version from steam, im placed in a lobby all on my own, so i bought a new license from rockstar and have played on that one ever since. hanks alot if anybody know what to do

Not really seeing the point here. You can change the GTA V path that FiveM uses but if you have Steam open FiveM is going to detect it and get your account information. If you don’t want FiveM using your Steam account information then don’t open Steam.

I had an issue with my version of gta v that i purchased on steam, whenever i login normally to the game, i cant access the online servers (GTA official online servers) and i am unable to access any server whatsoever on FiveM. wich is why i want to link it to my other account that is directly with rockstar