[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.2.2

@CalskyRoleplay you don’t need to :hushed: react to everything lol

fps dropp :woozy_face:

Yeah, try removing the files for the trees

can you tell me what their names are?

Open the ymaps folder.



However, regardless of the trees, Rockstar did some weird stuff to the island and you’re going to get fps drops either way.

what is the name for helipad at landing location ?

Everything seems to be working well, except one thing. When I first joined, the ocean surrounding Cayo Perico looked like disco lights. Once I approached the beach party area though that seems to go away, and now it only has some kind of weird clipping issues where the water will clip based on where I am at. Makes flying helicopters/planes problematic.

[EDIT] Apparently the weather is what’s causing the coloring. When the skys were clear it was just basic weird clipping. When it changed to overcast, it turned green.

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You seem to be the only person with this issue. Unfortunately I do not know but I assume it’s something on your end either server or client side mods, as you said, weather.

Update artifacts and server build both to the latest possible.

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I made two changes, one was taking out LoadGlobalWaterType() & SetDeepOceanScaler(), and the other being the static emitters… Not sure which of the changes fixed the issue but it’s resolved now. The FiveM guide for installing Cayo Perico did not have these natives in it when I used it prior to using the improvements resource, so I did a little comparison between them and these were it. Removed them and everything works beautifully.

Your improvements are amazing. Much appreciated!

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WTF? Those natives have nothing to do with your weird weather issue… I’m glad you somewhat figured it out but if it was an issue that was happening to everyone, I’d be getting more people informing me of it.

Also, I’ve made another version of this resource where both islands are visible, this one is more just for immersion.

haha, I wish I could explain it better, but it resolved it none-the-less! I guess that’s the beauty of game modifications. I’ve literally written code that ran differently on two different computers. /shrug - Either way, you’ve done a great job with this and we’ll be running it on Battle of Cayo Perico.

My only guess would be you have some other map, script or resource messing with cayo perico, presumably whatever the heck " Battle of Cayo Perico" is.

can you run this without the PMMS script if you dont want the tvs to work? also can anyone show how this is supposed to look in the files please? ive followed the steps but nothing has changed. thanks in advance

You can run it without the TVs, yes. As for your 2nd question, you have literally given no context of what it is you’re asking.

its fine. i managed to sort it. thank you for your reply though.

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I’ve been seeing a number of people with weird dots instead of blips on the minimap :thinking: Can anyone confirm this and answer the following questions?

1. Is it a dot?

2. Are you on the latest recommended artifacts?

3. Are you on gamebuild 2189 or higher?


Beginnermistake… had a typo in my serverconfig :wink:
Only Thing i spotted, sometimes the Improvements need a restart, if you enter Cayo the first time. And, the ped at the valet-spot has no table, that is round about 5 meters in front of him.

I’ve never encountered that and nobody else has reported that. Nothing should need a restart. If you’re teleporting from LS to CP quickly, that could cause an issue.

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