[Releases] [FREE] 🚨 2014 New Zealand Police Mercedes Sprinter

This is a simple reskin of the 2014 Police Mercedes Sprinter, that can be found on gta5-mods.com.

The original vehichles.meta file was messed up by the mod creator, which tinted the windows and sirens glass, I have fixed that. You will only need to download the model’s files and insert the yft files with mine.


All credits to the model (which is NOT provided here) go to gta5-mods.com/users/BritishGamer88 and their team. I have provided proof of allowance for the reskin down below.

Model : 3D Model’s - ChrisR
Poly’s Lowered - Tim
GTAIV Author - BritishGamer88n
Edited Futher For IV - BritishGamer88
Converted over to GTAV - BritishGamer88
Texture’s/Material’s - BritishGamer88
Template - BritishGamer88
Police Lightbar - Rockstar Games/ Edit to British version by BritishGamer88
Grill Lights - Rockstar Games
Oleg - for continuous help to get the model working ingame!!
Original Skin - BritishGamer88
Wheel’s - Forza
Police Cage - Kinksta100
New Zealand ReSkin - TayMcKenzieNZ

See proof here:

Download the model from the link at the beginning of this post, then copy the yft files with my ytd files.

Add to your resources then simply write ‘ensure NZPDVan’ into your server.cfg, or add to your existing vehicle pack and fxmanifest.

Download my textures here:

NZPDVan.zip (4.2 MB)

Check out my other releases:


Looks great! Can’t wait to check out this van


Thanks :blush:

Oosh mahi for the kiwis :ok_hand:

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