[Releases] ESX Purchase Ammo & ESX Sell to Players

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ESX Purchase Ammo
This is a script that allows players to purchase ammo for the weapons they currently have in their inventory at the default ESX ammu-nation locations.

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ESX Sell to Players
This script allows you to sell items on your player to other players.

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Hi! nice release. Buti get SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_purchaseammo/server/main.lua:13: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘addWeaponAmmo’)

What did you do before the error was throw? Such as which weapon did you try to purchase ammo for? The error sounds like the script tried to add ammo to a weapon that doesn’t exist.

I bought a Pistol, then I tried to buy ammo for the Pistol. Does not work. Then tried with te MP, does not work. I have added you on DC.

I will take a look and see if I’m able to recreate the problem! Give me like 10-15 minutes!

15min are over broski :wink:

I posted a reply, not sure why it didn’t go through! Sorry about that!

Anyway, here is what my reply was:
After hopping into my server, I was unable to recreate the problem, even after trying a few different things.

Just blocked me on Discord. I paid 3$ for this broken script :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Scam

You were blocked on Discord due to your remarks regarding the script and the support you were receiving. Out of the others who have downloaded (the free script), no one has had a reported issue with the script.

While your donation for the free script is appreciated, disrespect remarks will not be tolerated and certainly are not a way to get support for a script.

You are disrespectful for beginners by blocking them. Never said anything disrespectful to you, if yes show me.

I have better things to do than argue over a free script not working for one person out of many downloads. Unfortunately, it must be something on your end - as all the others downloaders have had no reported issue.

Not found this script, i have the same problem

When i buy ammo it doesnt work… Pretty much doesnt add the ammo or purchase it

luckly this one save my life ! it works . after purchase it . drop it and reconnect it the ammo still inside

p/s : if you can add more function like max ammo for 1 weapon when purchase will be great

How did you get it to work ?

But if I have to make my users restart for a script to work I prefer not to put it

i dont know . i just plug and play . no need to setting