[RELEASE] Yacht Robbery Script

Hi everyone. I bring you my own creation as a result of the idea of working as a police officer on some servers. The idea is to make a script that allows you to steal the yacht but not in the way that in many servers I have seen that it is to stand at a point and wait for it to give you the money after a few minutes.

• Features:

  • Simple and complete configuration file (Possibility to edit points, amount of money, markers, etc).
  • More than 10 points to loot steal items.
  • Implemented sounds when text appears.
  • Police notify when the robbery starts
  • Even if the activation is carried out by only one person, the rest of the companions can steal objects on the yacht.
  • Language system (Currently only Spanish and English)

• Requirements:

  • ESX

• Pictures:

• Buy info:

  • Price: 9.99 EUR
  • Buy link: Here :heart:

For more information talk to me on PM


will police get notif when someone triggered ?

Yeah, we are working on it right now to have it as soon as possible. All those who have the script already purchased will have the possibility to receive this update totally free ^^


Nope, there is no need to encrypt a script as long as the license and code of conduct are respected ^^


  • Added police notify when the robbery starts

Nice script! <3
I have 3 scripts on my server from this guy and they are all awesome. I am looking forward to trying it.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope everyone is just as happy as you ^^

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I have purchased this ESX but I have not received this ESX

Once the order is confirmed. The team is in charge of sending it to you as soon as possible ^^

Now this is dope :slight_smile:

The truth is that it is a script that I have not found and it can throw people a lot to have it on their server ^^


From now on all updates and downloads of the scripts purchased in the store will be made through the official discord of the store. It is important to be logged in to receive or update the script and roles.

For more information visit the store website.


  • Fixed a bug that did not update the points stolen from the ship.
  • Added the ability to put individual items at each point to steal.
  • Added a random number of items obtained when stealing.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Hi i just bought the script can i change the form from esx to vrp