[Release] Wraith ARS 2X | Police radar and plate reader [v1.3.1]

this will work for FX servers correct?

you found a fix yet? have the same problem^^

I do have the same issue, did you ever find a fix for this?

Whenever I click toggle display iit wont open up

how can I set this up so that it automatically pops up when users enter a LEO car and its setup ready to go. Right now they have to bring up the control make it pop up and then turn it on

Hey how can i make it happen that the radar is available on Addon Vehicles?

It’s working fine with addons, you must be doing something wrong.

anyone have a problem with pressing f5 and the the toggle display button not doing anything

very cool

its working for esx 1.8.5 legacy ? you know ?

jup should be working as normal

Yep, I’m still using 1.8.5 and it’s working fine.

yes i have this issue

EDIT- Do this command in your chat /reset_radar_data and it will work again!

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I ended up having to get rid of my local kvp/settings – that fixed it finally.
I went to %appdata%\CitizenFX and just wiped that folder. Lost my keybinds and some saved local stuff but that fixed it all for me. YMMV. good luck!

how to configure the car code in this radar wk_wars2x fivem

Doesnt seem to work with UltraWide montor, my players with normal monitors can use the plate reader and speed reader, but us with Ultra Wide har Fukked

I can’t watch the tutorial video. Can you post it in another way?

Guys, I need help. I have fast lock set up, and for some reason my plate reader will lock on every single plate. I have tried /reset_radar_data and followed multiple YouTube videos but I still can’t get it working. I swear I’ve had it working before where if I had Fast Lock set up, it only would lock onto plates that went over that amount I set.

Right now, I am locking onto stationary vehicles. Please help.

is there a possibility to install a job query that only police officers can use the radar? because currently a medic can also use it in his ambulance

om getting this error “could not find any saved operator menu data”