[RELEASE] Winter_Magic


Just putted together a simple wizard/magic script. You can teleport from point A to B and it makes a cool effect and sound. Will update it on the future but cant be bothered atm and dont have much time. Any problems drop them down below and i will fix them and update it on the GIT repo. Feel free also to drop down any suggestion replying on the post.

It is Synced with other players.

You are free to modify it, but under NO circunstances you should sell this without my permission.





Lmao that’s cool nice !

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I have no use for such a script like this, but I must say it looks really cool, good job :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


does it sync?

Just updated it. Now it does :smiley:

Very pog, thank you for the release!

Wow love this! original and fun. thank you so much

Wow that’s awesome!

If you miss you go under the map :stuck_out_tongue:


Really nice

Just fixed, updated version on Github :smiley:

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Nice Tacho an nice Script :+1:

I know your fivem post says not to sell it but with your GPL V3 license they actually could sell it. You should consider using a non commercial license or no license at all.

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Done. Thank you for the tips!! :smiley:

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cmon we can’t lie this is sick asf…

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