[Release] VSCode natives methods autocompletion

I created a simple python script that converts the nativedb json dump into a VSCode snippet file.
This means you can autocomplete natives methods with pre-filled arguments.


Download “lua.json” and place it in your VSCode snippets folder (Users<you>\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\snippets).

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This is awesome !! But I don’t use VSCode… :’( It is possible to make it for Sublime Text 3 ? : 3 Please :slight_smile:

@Kanersps already made one for sublime text


My bad guys, didn’t see. I have the plugin for Sublime Text but I forgot to look for autocompletion. Sorry… :confused:

Really need the same for Atom.

You should try using https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-plus along with the natives.lua file. It could work.

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