[Release][vRP] Self Storages

Self Storages

Locations where players can store items, with configurable prices for items stored per location.



  • Item storage fees
  • Configurable Self Storage locations
  • Configurable fees for each location
  • Configurable storage size for each location



This is a resource made for a server using a heavily modified version of vRP, thus certain premium features may not work as intended on a base vRP installation.
The main feature should still work as intended.


hey, is this vRP2 compatible, and if not would you mind me taking a stab at upgrading it for vRPP2? no promises of course I am still really new to coding lol

No, this is made for vRP 1

Most likely not, since I primarily work with vRP 1

ok I will take a stab at it, you should look into upgrading though, vRP2 has a lot of cool toys built in

Absolutely not

Hey, have i got permission to convert this to esx?


Hello, i can’t see any self storage! it apeers to be on the map in different places for different players ans it has no menu in the locations given on the map! Does anyone knows how to install the script? what exatly do i need to do with the dependency.
Thanks a lot for this awsome script

Quick update

Since most of the features in the resource were reliant on non-standard vRP functions, I’ve removed them from the resource entirely.

Everything that’s left now is the “Open Storage” button, which allows normal access.
Basically how the resource was intended to be used anyways.

nice work once again @glitchdetector

i’m on dunko vrp and i can’t open the storage, i press E and it opens the phone, then i can’t open the storage. I have the permission and the item

Could you release the other things like “Put all, repeat take etc”?
would be really neat, nice script!

you’ve changed your phone from K to E then

has anyone ever got this Working on Vrp its a great resource ive used it on tychoon i can see why Glitchdetector wont release more but such a great resource even if anyone can hepl me make a storage card to use the thing be great

All you need to do is define a new item in vRP called storage_card, and a way to obtain them (of course)

ok great thanks For Your Responce i am be wto vrp layout as apposed to Esx where can just insert anything with php but ok will give it a try thanks

Hi! Did you converted it to ESX? :smiley:

no i nver Got around To Doing it as yet To Busy on Server :{

i can not enter to open storage in my phone. i need db table ?

i have same problem, did you fix?
what i have to do?

Can u send the esx-version pls?!