[Release] vRP scoreboard

if you use ImagicTheCat vrp aka vRP 2 this scoreboard is for you. if you dont know if thats the one you use here is the link:

For questions hit me up in discord


  1. Character Name
  2. Job
  3. Phone Number
  4. Optional icon/text for Owners/Admins/Mods/Users
  5. Custom Text style per user groups i.e Owners/Admins/Mods/Users
  6. Counter for people in certain jobs
  7. Counter for all Owners/Admins/Mods/Users

In The Works: (pre_release out now)

  1. Only show your phone number
  2. item to show all users phone numbers when purchases

Github Link: Newest version


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Some screenshots would be nice


yea i forgot to add them

i got it 2day and it wont working for me maybe me

Is it showing any kind of error and are you using ImagicTheCat vrp as thats what it is made for

no error it just dont work

Hm and you didnt change anything on it correct and if not you are pushing the ~ key right

no did change and yes im pushing the ~ right key

you are using vrp 2 right

New release is out now. check it out and again if you have any feedback please let me know.

Great scoreboard / Player List for vRP2! Works great with no issues.

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made a new release:
close icon works as well as drop down arrow

doesnt work

it works if you are using vrp framework by ImagicTheCat. If not using said framework it won’t work as stated in the post.