[Release][vRP][ESX] Slots | 5x3 slot machine | Animated | Sound Effects

this not work

It’s really not bad, but if you have bigger screen than 1080p, or smaller there is button issues

After press ESC i can’t move, i need restart Five M.
Any know how fix it?

The resource needs to have name vrp_slots

with which program you configured the coordinates?

Fix with this code in Client.lua


RegisterNUICallback(‘exitWith’, function(data, cb)
SetNuiFocus(false, false) --put false and false and it will work again :slight_smile: peace!
open = false
TriggerServerEvent(“esx_slots:PayOutRewards”, data.coinAmount)

it’s still easy to become millionaire?? cuz i read that there is a bug to get million

So one dude on my sever has a problem, that when he join the server his characters in esx_kashacters
doesent show up.

And if we dont start the script the Characters are show’n up.

What could i do to fix this problem?

esx_kashacters is bugged the fuck out for some people. SO just don’t use it

is there any alternative? so any other scripts which are like this, but not buggy?

Not that I know of. There are alot of remakes of that script u can try. I just just the ordinary identity, but people can just make one character. But can remove and make a new one

Thanks for the reply

I got a error in my console can anybody help me ?! Error|690x388

any chance to a standalone release?

Did you find it?