[Release] VRP Dunko New Coin / Currency

New Coin VRP:

0e2fc65dd0ac2b0770f0df9f6be405f6 021981ef518d08f0ad860867af839ce4

1.You can give coin to players if you have admin
2.Display the Coin in right corner
3.You can buy Coin with Money
4.You can sell Coin for Money
(Location where u can exchange Coins: -258.68417358398,-973.96234130859,31.220010757446 )


#Installation guide

1.Extract vrp and hologram folders in resource
2.Start resource hologram in server.cfg
3.Restart your server

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What ymap is that? :smiley:

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Can u read my github page, u will find a discord link, entry and i will help u there

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Can you give me your discord

Hai ca mare script. ><

Why do you need to speak romanian, you can not say what bothers you in english? If you do not use the script you can ignore it :stuck_out_tongue: @Fivem_Krimes

Syndicate, can you give a new discord link? The one you provided has expired. I need some help from you with this script, if you have some free time. Thank you.

god… discribe pls how u solve

Can you said what you did ? :smiley:

Hello, can somebody help me ? I get this error in MySQL.

I corrected all the errors.

Download: github


  1. Make a backup of your .lua files for the first time just in case.
  2. copy the hologram folder to the resources folder on the server.
  3. copy the vrp folder files to the resources server where the vrp folder on the server is located except for the vrp/cfg/groups.lua and vrp/cfg/blips_markers.lua files. I say this because it is better for you to modify these two files because it is possible that your files on the server will be different.
  4. in the resources folder on your server enter the vrp/cfg/ folder and modify groups.lua by adding the line:



cfg.groups = {
[“superadmin”] = {
_config = {onspawn = function(player) vRPclient.notify(player,{“You are superadmin.”}) end},

  1. in the blis_markers.lua from same place adding the lines:

{-622.97601318359,-233.21601867676,38.057048797607,108,1,“Diamante Exchange”},
{-624.58612060547,-230.85711669922,38.057048797607,108,1,“Money Exchange”},
cfg.blips = {
{-1202.96252441406,-1566.14086914063,4.61040639877319,311,17,“Body training”},
{460.190338134766,-993.888488769531,24.914867401123,60,38,“Police Station”},
{1853.21, 3689.51, 34.2671,60,17,“Police Station”},
{391.541442871094,-1615.154296875,29.291934967041,60,38,“Police Station”},
{-261.40533447266,-965.15747070313,31.224115371704,315,4,“Driver License”},
{244.1099395752,-1382.8720703125,39.534328460693,61,3,“Hospital Station”},
{415.2883605957,-1652.4112548828,29.291698455811,446,47,“Repair Station”},
{236.41926574707,216.96081542969,106.28672790527,434,4,“Bank Driver Station”},
{449.81854248047,-993.30865478516,30.689584732056,73,3,“Police Outfits”},
{575.40698242188,-3121.94921875,18.768627166748,433,1,“Bounty Hunter”},
{-622.97601318359,-233.21601867676,38.057048797607,108,1,“Diamante Exchange”},
{-624.58612060547,-230.85711669922,38.057048797607,108,1,“Money Exchange”},

  1. Go to the database from http://localhost/phpmyadmin and get in your database name from the server. Enter in vrp_user_moneys and export him for backup and then import the file called vrp_user_moneys.sql from mine folder.
  2. Open the server and see if it works. If it gives you the same error ask someone who is better at databases or if you are not interested in what you have in the database you can simply delete everything that starts with vrp_ and then start the server. That will definitely work. Good luck!