[Release] [VORP Core] Stables System

VORP Core | Stables System
From the creators of art_horses.
This is a script that allows you to buy & customize horses & carriages/carts, with a stable manager.



  • You can transfer/sell your horses & carriages to other players
  • You can buy & customize horses & carriages
  • You can name your horses & carriages
  • You can delete horses & carriages in the stables manager menu
  • You can store items in the horse/carriage inventory (In the future it will be possible to store weapons)
  • You can ride with another player in horses & carriages, by pressing once E, if you want to kick the other player and “steal” the horse/carriage you have to hold E
  • All horses, carriages & complements are already added, like horse masks, lanterns, saddles…
  • You can set a horse or carriage as default so you can call it anywhere (H for calling horses & J for calling carriages)
  • You can pet, guide & make your horse run away, like the original game
  • Easy management menu
  • Easy config for changing names & prices or adding more stables
  • English & Spanish translations, it’s easy to change the language with the config & language files

Requirements: (Remember to download the lastest release)

GitHub: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Stables
(Please remember to download the Release if you aren’t going to change the code and just want to use the script)

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Are there plans to add taming to the stables? I want to be able to tame wild horses and bring them back to keep or maybe even sell to other people.

Maybe in the future when we re-do the script

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