[Release] [VORP Core] Stables System

VORP Core | Stables System
From the creators of art_horses.
This is a script that allows you to buy & customize horses & carriages/carts, with a stable manager.



  • You can transfer/sell your horses & carriages to other players
  • You can buy & customize horses & carriages
  • You can name your horses & carriages
  • You can delete horses & carriages in the stables manager menu
  • You can store items in the horse/carriage inventory (In the future it will be possible to store weapons)
  • You can ride with another player in horses & carriages, by pressing once E, if you want to kick the other player and “steal” the horse/carriage you have to hold E
  • All horses, carriages & complements are already added, like horse masks, lanterns, saddles…
  • You can set a horse or carriage as default so you can call it anywhere (H for calling horses & J for calling carriages)
  • You can pet, guide & make your horse run away, like the original game
  • Easy management menu
  • Easy config for changing names & prices or adding more stables
  • English & Spanish translations, it’s easy to change the language with the config & language files

Requirements: (Remember to download the lastest release)

GitHub: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Stables
(Please remember to download the Release if you aren’t going to change the code and just want to use the script)

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Are there plans to add taming to the stables? I want to be able to tame wild horses and bring them back to keep or maybe even sell to other people.


Maybe in the future when we re-do the script

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I am currently trying to create a resource that allows the player to sell horses that they tamed to the stables. I’m brand new to RedM and I’m picking up Lua at the same time but I will try to use this Stables System as my dependency and let’s see how it goes lol

Only problem is that I’ve been tasked with working with Lua. Is it possible to create a resource using Lua that works with this even though its written in C#?

please do it , we can’t use wild horses they are usles