[Release] [VORP Core] Housing System with Inventory for Items & Weapons

VORP Core | Housing System
This is a script that allows you to buy houses or instanciated rooms with inventory for items and weapons.
Each house will be able to be bought by one player, so you will be able to have unique houses.



  • Unique houses
  • Instanced rooms, like hotel rooms…
  • House/room inventory for items & weapons
  • Can lock/unlock your house/room doors so people can/can’t enter
  • All working houses are already added to the config (+30), other buildings can be added
  • You can change the interiors of the houses in the config
  • Easy config for adding rooms
  • English, Spanish & Italian translations, it’s easy to change the language with the config & language files

Requirements: (Remember to download the lastest release)

GitHub: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Housing
(Please remember to download the Release if you aren’t going to change the code and just want to use the script)


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