[Release] [VORP Core] Banks System

VORP Core | Banks System
This is a script that allows you to save/withdraw money & gold from different banks and allows you to transfer money & gold.
Each banks is unique, so if you save money in one bank you can’t withdraw it in another bank.
Some doors aren’t unlocked, so you will need a doorlocks script.



  • Unique banks
  • Custom bank interface
  • Save & withdraw money & gold
  • Money & gold transfers between players with delay and taxes
  • You can change the NPC of each bank
  • Easy config so you can add more banks
  • English & Spanish translations, it’s easy to change the language with the config & language files

Requirements: (Remember to download the lastest release)

GitHub: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Banks
(Please remember to download the Release if you aren’t going to change the code and just want to use the script)


The bank door always seems to be closed. How to fix?

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You need to use a doorlocks script, like this one: https://github.com/NeoGaming22/Bulgar_doorlocks_vorp

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How hard would it be to make all the banks send to the same DB? like if you deposit 500 in valentine you can withdrawl that 500 in blackwater

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not work in linux :expressionless:
tell me to fix

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It does work, check what I answered in your lastest post: https://forum.cfx.re/t/the-problem-is-vorp-bank/2058623/2

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