[Release] [VORP Core] Banks System

VORP Core | Banks System
This is a script that allows you to save/withdraw money & gold from different banks and allows you to transfer money & gold.
Each banks is unique, so if you save money in one bank you can’t withdraw it in another bank.
Some doors aren’t unlocked, so you will need a doorlocks script.



  • Unique banks
  • Custom bank interface
  • Save & withdraw money & gold
  • Money & gold transfers between players with delay and taxes
  • You can change the NPC of each bank
  • Easy config so you can add more banks
  • English & Spanish translations, it’s easy to change the language with the config & language files

Requirements: (Remember to download the lastest release)

GitHub: https://github.com/VORPCORE/VORP-Banks
(Please remember to download the Release if you aren’t going to change the code and just want to use the script)

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